High-Speed Theory Car (2 months + 5 hours)


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Specifics High-Speed Theory Car (2 months + 5 hours) Learn in high-speed for your CBR theory exam with VekaBest Speed​​Theory. This is the most efficient Internet course in the Netherlands, which teaches you all the compulsory subjects of the CBR theory exam in just a few hours. Learn the theory in 1 day! The training consists of 14 short, powerful chapters that each deal with a main topic of the CBR theory exam, followed by a number of tough practice questions. It only takes you 10 to 15 minutes to study a chapter. At the end of the Speed ​​Theory course you have 5 hours access to practice questions per subject, selected difficult exam questions and 40 complete exam trainings. Theory LearningCar consists, just like the CBR theory exam, of: Hazard perception, Traffic rules (knowledge) and Traffic insight (knowledge +). You will receive your login code by e-mail after you have paid so you can get started right away! Detailed description: VekaBest Speed ​​Theory is a powerful andconcise Internet training that covers all main subjects of the CBR theory exam. You will have access to your internet training for 2 months. The 2 months start after activating your login code. The training is consist of images and – where necessary – moving animations, videos and slide shows that illustrate the teaching material. VekaBest Speed​​Theory is especially for the student who wants to learn the theory quickly, efficiently and effectively. If you want to know more details and background, you can combine Speed ​​Theory with our theory book.



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