Driver Training in Steps + 9 months animations


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The Driver Training in Steps (Dutch: RIS) is a training method in which you learn to drive step-by-step. This will make you better prepared to participate in traffic. This practical guide offers a good preparation for what you as a car driver must know, be able to do and want when you follow the training. And even if you do not follow this driving course, the book is a valuable support during your driving lessons. You learn things more efficiently and will be ready sooner for your CBR practical exam. In addition, watch the practical instructional videos and animations and see how to put the theory into practice. In more than 100 clips, all important actions and situations in traffic are discussed. Your credit starts after activating your login code. With this set of the RIS practice book and the animations you prepare yourself fantastically for any traffic situation! We will send you the practice book and the login code by post no later than the next working day.



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